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I'm JD—I worked in cyber security then tech consulting and now ecommerce. I feel at my best when I'm moving fast and being useful. That's why I gravitated towards startups.

I created GrowLTV, a Shopify app that converts more customers and gets them to spend more. And I also run the numbers up at RTNU, an ecommerce agency that helps start, manage and grow ecommerce stores.

Josh is a go-getter. He doesn't sit back and wait. He's very open to feedback and always looking to improve content, process, products and himself. Great team player who supports the team wholeheartedly.

Vivek Mahapatra

Josh has a "nothing is impossible" attitude. He doesn't see roadblocks but challenges. It is evident that Josh will exceed due to his passion for developing his ideas, his ability to bring groups together, present an idea and motivate them to move forward.

Claudio DeFeo

Josh is a highly creative and strategic thinker. He is skilled at bringing people and ideas together and leveraging their abilities to drive highly effective teams. He is personable and brings enthusiasm and dedication to everything he does.

Amy Rollier

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